Easily overcoming long distances
Logistics in Europe

Transportation Services Europe

Fenthols is the right partner for your reliable logistics in Europe: As a member of the European network, we cooperate with a team of almost 10,000 employees at 160 centres in 28 European countries.

Select your preferred product:

Classic Line Europe
After handover, we deliver the products inside of 48 to 72 hours – depending on the delivery country.

Premium Line Europe
We deliver inside of 24 to 72 hours, one workday after handover.

Premium Pick-up Order
Send your order to our Procurement Department by 2:00 pm, and we will pick up your products the following day. Delivery is inside of 48 to 96 hours – depending on the country.

Secure Cargo
Maximum protection for the entire supply chain: We pick up security-relevant part loads and loads from the consignor and transport them to the consignee's secure zone. Destinations include any airport. Simply send your order to our Service Department.

Thermal/ADR cargo
We use this special product to carry your part loads and loads frost-free for the entire supply chain.

Use our service for import
and export as well

  • Daily frequencies for piece good, part and complete load transports 
  • Direct transports or gateway system 
  • All economic hubs in Europe are possible as starting points and destinations
  • Comprehensive European distribution solutions
  • Multilingual employees
  • Transparent movement of goods
  • High-performance logistics centres in 28 countries 
  • 160 locations