The Fenthols history
Pioneering logistics since 1827


One of the very few genuine veterans still operating on the market today – that's Fenthols. We are proud to blend the traditions of our trade with modern 21st century logistics. The roots of our company's success now date back around 190 years.

14 March

Johann Gottlob Fenthol and August Ferdinand Sandtmann establish a picking and forwarding company in Leipzig. In the initial years they mainly transport tobacco products to trade fair locations. Coaches with several teams of horses are used for the trips, many of which take days.


The company regularly transports goods between Leipzig and Aachen, as well as to Belgium. It is specialised in supplying the Leipzig brush fair with imported goods from Russia.


The forwarding sector has become increasingly important. This prompts Fenthols to join with other companies to found Germany's first forwarding co-operative – forerunner to the Association of German Freight Forwarding and Logistics Operators (DSLV).


Fenthols builds a 5,500 square metre warehouse with a rail link on the company grounds in Leipzig. The company is now among Germany's largest freight forwarders.


Export trade with Europe and overseas countries experiences a golden age: Fenthols responds by opening a branch in Hamburg – gateway to the world.


The GDR nationalises the property at the former Leipzig headquarters on Wittenberger Straße.


After the early death of August Ehrig, his son Peter Ehrig takes over the business. He steadily expands the network of branches in West Germany.


German reunification provides the opportunity to return to the company's original home in Leipzig – which management perceives as a matter of honour. Restitution rights are quickly established. The company continues to handle some of its storage in the reconstructed building.


Fenthols joins the logistics group P&O. Membership in this network enables the company to accommodate the high demands of globalisation.


Peter Ehrig passes the management sceptre to his son Carsten Ehrig.


The company moves into a new build at the site in Hamburg, relocating from Pinkterweg to Bredowstraße.


Fenthols becomes part of the Raben Group, which takes over several of P&O's divisions.


The company moves into new builds in Erlensee and Leipzig.


Fenthols celebrates its 190th anniversary.