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Warehouse Logistics

Warehouse logistics, tailored to your precise requirements: We provide around 38,100 square metres of company warehouse space to fulfil this objective.
We can lease additional capacities at any time as required.  

Our modern warehouse management system enables efficient and affordable storage

  • Precise inventory management
  • Management of batches & shelf life
  • Efficient order picking
  • Generation of all relevant data & electronic feedback
  • Inventory management at different package levels (box, pallet, piece etc.) 
  • Batch, serial numbers or shelf life management
  • Continuous flow of stock information (total stock, available, reserved, scheduled)
  • Efficient order picking with dynamic storage strategies and removal principles (FIFO, LIFO etc.)
  • Computer-assisted data exchange with customer regarding order transmission, stock queries or tracking

The right strategy for any requirement

We use static warehouse strategies to ensure that your products are kept in as little space as possible – depending on the type. In contrast, our dynamic warehouse strategies let us deploy our staff and technology at maximum effectiveness to place your products in storage or remove them. We adapt each strategy to suit individual requirements of the order structure. 

Use the benefits of our warehousing:

  • 38,100 m² of logistics space, some with a multi-level shelf system
  • 24-hour video surveillance, with alarm systems
  • State-of-the-art stacker technology
  • IT system with hook-up to ERP systems 
  • Incoming & outgoing scanner inspections of EAN 13 and EAN 128 barcodes possible

Permanently available inventory information:

  • Available, reserved, quarantined products
  • Regular electronic transmission (remote data transfer) of inventory lists
  • Additional services, including 

    • Labelling, marking, etc.
    • Quality tests
    • Full, partial or permanent stocktaking
    • Display design, product changes

  • Ocean container loading and unloading
  • Direct connection to ocean imports and exports
  • Europe-wide system traffic and parcel services
  • Promotional goods logistics

Storing hazardous products safely

Naturally, we also adhere to all requirements of the hazardous goods ordinance (GefStoffV) and other relevant regulations (e.g. restrictions on the storage of certain items at one place). We also provide special information on stocks of hazardous goods:

  • Stocks according to hazardous goods class
  • GGVS (hazardous goods regulation) class
  • Storage class according to GefStoffV
  • Water hazard class
  • VbF (ordinance on flammable liquids) class